Outward Mindset

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Developing and Implementing an Outward mindset

In this course, participants learn the difference between inward and outward mindsets. They discover where they have been inward and how to turn more outward. They learn how to turn their mindsets and behaviors outward by applying a specific set of tools. These tools can be used to address personal life and work challenges.

  • self-awareness tools

    Four tools to overcome a self-focused inward mindset and more consistently work with an others-inclusive outward mindset.

  • mindset change tools

    Two tools to implement and sustain an outward mindset.

  • Certification by the end

    Participants obtain basic certification with the potential to become certified trainer for additional cost if desired by the participant.

  • accountability tools

    Three accountability tools to help individuals clarify their roles and hold themselves accountable for their impact on others.

  • collaboration tools

    Eight collaboration tools to help individuals and teams plan, work, and resolve differences more collaboratively and effectively.

Results and Outcomes

This course equips participants with tools that enable them to:

  • Understand the two mindsets and their implications for results
  • Assess the extent to which they are working with an inward mindset
  • Change their mindsets to become more outward
  • Re-conceive their jobs to make them more outward
  • Hold themselves more fully accountable
  • Report on performance in a way that keeps them working outward
  • Work in a way that is more collaborative, fulfilling, and effective
  • Positively influence others to change
  • Address and resolve conflicts

Participants will learn to move from:


  • Tunnel Vision to Awareness
  • Silos to Collaboration
  • Blame to Accountability
  • Stagnation to Innovation
  • Low Moral to Engagement

Who Should Attend?

This course is appropriate for individuals who wish to:

  • Deepen their understanding of Arbinger’s principles and apply outward mindset tools in their own lives and work
  • Gain insight into the practical implications of Arbinger’s work within an organization
  • Investigate the value of deploying Arbinger within their organization or team to initiate a larger transformative process
  • Prepare to attend train-the-trainer courses to become an Arbinger facilitator within their employing organization

Please note: Arbinger courses are not for independent consultants or trainers. Attending this course does not give license to teach this content. If you are an independent consultant or trainer and have questions, please call us.