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    As a general nonprofit organization in Southern Idaho, this corporation is formed to promote understanding of the value of all immigrants and their contributions to the region’s competitive economy, workforce, and communities.


    Unity Alliance of Southern Idaho supports understanding of how all immigrants contribute to our region’s economy, way of life, and values. The board and staff act in ways that bring people together to support immigrants. Through leadership, advocacy, and educational programs, we aim to create a regional identity based on unity, diversity, and mutual respect.

  • vision

    Unity Alliance of Southern Idaho envisions a future in which Southern Idaho is known as a welcoming region that helps al immigrants thrive and contribute fully, and a region in which people come together with mutual understanding and respect.


    • Communication and Engagement
    • Education

Why Did We Come Together?

In 2015, a small but vocal group of residents and outsiders began speaking out against our community’s refugee population. National bloggers picked up on the local movement, amplifying the message negativity, hatred, and racism far beyond Idaho. The negativity grew to include the immigrant labor force.

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Board Members

Justin Vipperman, Board President

Board President:

Justin Vipperman
  • College of Southern Idaho Professor
  • Board President Unity Alliance of Southern Idaho
Daragh McCabee, Board Vice President

Board Vice President:

Daragh Maccabee
  • CEO of Idaho Milk Products
  • Board Vice President Unity Alliance of Southern Idaho
Alejandra Hernanadez, UASI Executive Director

UASI Executive Director:

Alejandra Hernandez
  • Executive Director of Unity Alliance of Southern Idaho
Ray Parrish, Board Tresurer

Board Treasurer:

Ray Parrish
  • Communications Director, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Board Treasurer of Unity Alliance of Southern Idaho


Our Goals:

Our Goal is to have Representation from the entire Magic Valley (we are almost there)

Board Representation

  • Business
  • Education (school districts and College)
  • Local Government
  • Law Enforcement
  • Faith Base organizations
  • Non-profit organizations