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Working Towards An Inclusive Community

A Welcoming and Inclusive Community is a community where its citizens and members feel safe, respected, and comfortable being themselves and expressing all aspects of their identities. It is a place where each person shares a sense of belonging with its other members. It is home.

Welcoming and Inclusive Communities are based on ideas of integration. Integration, in contrast to assimilation, is focused on facilitating the process new members of a community, including immigrants, refugees, people moving from other parts of the country, experience beyond settlement to become part of their new communities.

Unity Alliance member meeting with new member of the community.

Helping you understand

Unity Alliance of Southern Idaho’s Educational Plan provides a series of trainings, workshops, presentations, resources, and events to the Magic Valley communities. Through Education, we give participants the tools, skills, knowledge, and motivation required to develop a better understanding of Welcoming and Inclusive Communities based on diversity, mutual respect, and integration. We help you to promote positive change.

Our Training

Unity Alliance of Southern Idaho is always willing to come out to help your place of work or classroom have a better understanding of how to become a more welcoming environment. Contact us to schedule diversity training or sensitivity training in your workplace.

New Training Classes:

Develop & Implement an Outward Mindset

Parent College

Community involvement with Unity Alliance.

Upcoming Events

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Educational presentations and interactive workshops

We believe that the best way to make a change is to start with the beginning. We would love to hold a workshop or presentation at your school to help develop mutual respect and create inclusive classroom communities. Some of the workshops and presentations we offer are:

  • K-12 grade curricula that teach how to create welcoming, inclusive communities
  • What is a Welcoming and Inclusive Community?
  • Get Curious…Not Furious: Bringing People Together
  • Creating More Inclusive Classrooms

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Small Groups

Small group moderated discussion on topics of cultural competence, inclusion, and integration

Unity Alliance of Southern Idaho’s small group discussion sessions provide an excellent opportunity to learn about and discuss topics of integration, inclusion, and cultural competence — topics that can be intimidating to approach in a regular office or classroom environment. By providing a moderated forum environment, Unity Alliance of Southern Idaho can help any group to:

  • Foster positive interpersonal and intercultural communication
  • Increase awareness of potentially sensitive cultural issues
  • Develop a welcoming and inclusive job or school environment


Interfaith dialogue and engagement helps bring understanding and cooperative, constructive, and helps encourage positive interactions between people of different religious traditions or beliefs.